Our founder has been involved in the design & manufacture of bathroom pods since 2007 where they received specialist training based on decades of experience within a company that was established in Denmark in 1963 to produce bathroom pods (to our knowledge, the very first bathroom pod manufacturer). This provided a ‘fast track’ learning process based on over 40 years (at that time) of product development, trial and error & experience within the company. We have gained a wealth of experience over the years working with many other manufacturers, from start-up’s to established companies, covering 16 different countries across 4 continents which has given us an valuable insight into the field and exposure to many different processes & ideas.

Since 2014 we have been heavily involved in the modular buildings sector and have amassed an impressive and versatile catalogue of projects ranging from healthcare/emergency services to commercial, education & residential.

Our belief is that offsite construction will continue to grow it’s market share in the construction industry steadily in the years to come and will become the main construction method in many areas where so called traditional methods currently dominate.

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